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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Latest Wasson Boy Quotables

Shepard has been sick this week and tried some 7UP to settle his stomach. He seemed to be drinking the 7UP pretty well, so I asked him, “How do you like it?” Shepard answered, “Mmmmm… it tastes soooo civilized!” I had to chuckle. A few seconds later he suddenly throws up which startled me and I said, “Whoa!” to which he replied, “Yah, that was kinda like a missile launcher!”

Josiah was telling me the other day about his latest “what I want to be when I grow up” idea… he has decided that he would like to be an “evaluator” at a theme park. He said, “you know, a job that tests roller coasters.” (Can this really be our Josiah????)

Shepard got some silly putty for Easter… he was thrilled and commented several times that he has never had that before, so he has loved playing with this new “toy”. But, for the life of him he cannot remember what it is called and he has given it many different names, but the one he keeps saying is “Funny Punny”. Too cute!

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