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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day - a day behind...

John took the boys to get snowcones! And I'm home all by myself... a rare treat. (Do I have to admit that I'm eating a Snickers ice cream while they are gone. :)) Shepard left saying that he was GOING to try the new Tiger Blood flavor of snowcone. I can't wait to see how that turned out. Will was happily learning the word snowcone... sounds more like TaToe, but he was all smiles because he loves any opportunity to put on his shoes and go with the big boys. :)

Yesterday was Memorial Day and the day started with Shepard bringing me a picture from a book he had been looking at. He found the page about the Civil War with Abraham Lincoln and he showed me this little black and white drawing a battle and he pointed at it and said, "These are the men who died and were buried that we are remembering today." Wow! He's only four and I was really impressed that he understood that. So, at breakfast we talked with the boys about our freedom and the price that has been paid by some of our military men and their families for that freedom. And then we told them that there was another sacrifice made for our freedom, too and we asked them if they knew what it was. Josiah and Shepard both said, "Jesus!" He died for our freedom. So, we asked them what we have freedom from... they knew! :) If we choose Jesus as Savior, we have freedom from sin and the everlasting penalty of death. We really have something to celebrate!

We didn't have big plans for Memorial Day... which was great because that gave us the opportunity to go see our friends, the Lincks, at the hospital where Harold is being treated for an unknown illness. They think it's possibly a tick bite illness, but please pray with us for them and that the Lord will heal Harold! We were in Branson with them just last week and he came home sick after that trip.

Only two more days of school until summer break at the Wasson Home School! We're all excited!

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