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Friday, June 12, 2009

NACEO Convention

Our trip to Atlanta for the NACEO (National Association of Consignment Event Owners) convention turned out to be quite an adventure! And it was wonderful! We had a great time and even though we had a lot of travel difficulties - I'll have to write more about that later - we felt the Lord's favor on us in a very real way. Below is a picture of John during his My Sale Manager workshop at the convention... I was so proud of him! He had quite a following at the convention... there were lines at times just to speak to him. (I think I married a famous software developer! :))
We finally got to get the boys back tonight and it was soooo good to see their sweet faces again. They each greeted us with their special personalities and it was awesome. Will just couldn't quit looking at us and smiling. Josiah had a big tender bear hug for me that just about made me cry. Shepard shouted greetings and gave a huge smile and just brought us right into his social/ sanguine world again. Ahhhhh... it's good to be home!

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