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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Very Eventful Day

What a day!

The first memorable thing that I remember is walking in on Shepard in our bathroom and he comments about liking that cool "brush". So as I'm wondering what he is talking about I see him set down John's razor. I explained to him that it was not a brush, but a razor, and that he could not play with it or use it. But I could tell by looking at him that he had done something, so I asked him where he used it and he showed me his face. Then I looked at the razor... which was FULL of peach fuzz. That little guy had tried shaving his face and has a patch without any baby peach fuzz now. (He thinks he's ready for whiskers... he wants to have a goatee like his daddy!) I think we're just grateful that he didn't cut himself with it.

Will found the little paint set in the craft cabinet today... I still can't figure out how he got in there. But what was funny was that when I found him he was rubbing the brush on the paints and then putting it on his face... I think he thought he was putting on make up! :)

Next, Shepard had his first visit to the ER today! Notice I said "first"... John and I feel pretty certain that with Shepard this probably won't be the last time we end up there. :) (Especially when you consider that in his short life he has already poured gasoline into his eyes, gashed his head pretty bad and now this.) He was playing outside this afternoon and decided that he preferred to be barefoot and so he took his shoes off. But then he fell and landed on some metal landscaping edging and sliced up the bottom of his left foot. There was a lot of blood. Josiah was with him and yelled in the house for me to come... which I'm very glad he did, but that woke Will and he started crying because he was scared. And then Shepard was crying loud, too, which scared Will more. John came down and we got most of the bleeding stopped but decided that we needed a doc to look at it to see if he needed stitches. When Shepard found out that he was going to the ER to see a doctor he was SOOOO excited! Ever since John had his knee surgery a few months ago, Shepard has wanted to have his "turn" to see the doctor. He was one happy little boy! Apparently he charmed all the nurses and he came home very proud of his hospital bracelet. And, thankfully, no stitches!

While Shep was at the ER, Josiah watched a new episode of Gilligan's Island... with a beauty pageant for Miss Castaway. So, at dinner, Josiah is telling John and Shepard about the episode and we're all having a good laugh at Gilligan and how he was smart enough not to pick one of the girls to win. So, somehow the boys are now deciding who they would have voted for. Shepard is our Mr. Decision-Maker... he immediately chooses Ginger. Then changes his mind and votes for MaryAnn. But, then no, he thinks he'll go with Mrs. Howell. But, then he really wants to vote for Gilligan. We remind him that it's a beauty pageant and he has to choose a girl. "Oh ya", he says... then he decides he wants to vote for Skipper! Or maybe Gilligan again... no definitely Skipper. We're all laughing and he's finally settled on Skipper... which makes no sense at all. Next it's Josiah's turn to vote. He very carefully considers all the options and comments that he's thinking through which of the girls would be the most useful... I guess since the other two would be mad at him for not choosing them. :) So, Josiah carefully chooses MaryAnn. We asked him if it was because of her looks or because she was useful. He says she's the cutest, but then he explains that she usually fixes breakfast for the others and Ginger fixes lunch. And then with all seriousness he says, "And I've heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Oh boy... we couldn't help but laugh!

Little tidbit about Shepard... he bumped his head today and I asked him if he was okay. He looks me in the eye and says, "I think I hurt my brain" and then he just bursts out laughing. He finds himself hysterically funny. Lately he gets very tickled at all our meal times... mostly because he finds the smallest things amusing and then he just can't stop laughing about it. So, when John decides to regain order, Shepard just struggles to stop giggling. Shepard is so much like me and I understand how he feels and so I'm always sitting with my face covered to hide my own laughing, but as soon as John looks at me I just lose it and we all start laughing all over again.

That's enough stories for one day! :)

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