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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Together Again Quotes

I couldn't wait to see the boys again after being away for six days and I was anxious to hear all their cute little comments. My all time favorite came from Josiah... after he had seen me for a while he came over and said, "You are shorter than I remember." And then he sort of chuckled. I thought that was hilarious!

Tonight we were running some errands and went to eat at this new pizza place in town. The boys could watch baseball from their seats and at one point Josiah said, "Man, this is paradise!" He was actually laying down on the bench slurping down some pickled okra and watching the tv. So, Shepard was not to be outdone... he immediately laid down and chomped on his pizza while watching the tv and he said, "I'm paradising now!" Too funny!

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  1. they are so cute!

    ps i don't have your email addy and have a question for you. could you email me with that?