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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camp MarVal

We had a GREAT time camping at Camp MarVal in Oklahoma with John's family this week! We had never been there before and we learned that it is a really fun place. We had the cutest little cabin right next to where John's family's RV's were camped. I told the boys that our cabin was just like the Little House on the Prairie cabin. How fun! The boys had a lot of fun playing and sleeping in the loft. We were so blessed to get to spend that time together with all the family. And we came home relaxed and rejuvenated! I didn't get very many pics, but here a few...

Josiah loves roasting anything in a fire!

Shepard loves wearing hat and started the secret hat club at camp. :)

Will kept saying "wanna ride" and we realized that he wanted to go for rides on the golf cart.

Thanks Mammie for the very fun and yummy fun dips! (And colorful, too!)

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