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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dissecting Chicken and Eating Salad

Our new school curriculum is helping us learn how to incorporate school into our everyday lives... I think we are beginning to grasp the lifestyle of learning. So, we've been studying vitamins and minerals and at the grocery store last night the boys shopped for ingredients to make a healthy salad. My boys are NOT salad eaters, but when it's a project and they help make it, they suddenly are interested. They realized some veggies that they actually do like and others that, well, nope, they really don't. Shepard gagged on the grape tomato and Josiah spit out the cauliflower, but they both liked the raw squash.

John also got a coconut for them to try and that was a lot of fun.

The boys also tried squirting lemon juice on their salad instead of using salad dressing... they loved that. Here's Josiah squirting it in his mouth, too.

John took some time off work this afternoon to help the boys dissect a chicken. Isn't he a great dad?! The boys had so much fun and learned a lot. And I was extremely grateful because I'm just too squeamish for that kind of project.

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  1. ugh....i remember josiah eating straight lemons at josh's wedding...makes me quiver!