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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The mother of boys

Isn't life interesting?! When we came home from our camping trip last week late at night and I was finally crawling into bed, I found a little green snake on my pillow... it was rubber. Thankfully I figured that out quickly before I started screaming! The next morning, the oldest son said, "Hey Mom, did you find a surprise last night?" A couple days later the 2nd son came in from playing outside and reported to me that he had just placed his new callapitter friend (that's code for caterpillar) in the bubble gum bag on the kitchen counter - that's the bag of gum I keep handy for handing out little treats to the boys. I ran to the kitchen and sure enough, wiggling around in the bag was a little green worm-like caterpillar. I seriously got the heebie jeebies... it just wasn't right seeing that bug in a bag of "food" in the kitchen. I just shuddered again writing about it... the visual image is still there!

But, tonight when I got home from eating dinner with friends, the boys were all tucked into bed already... but they heard me come home and wanted to see me. So, when I went in their room to say good night I was met with squeals of "Hi Mommie!" and "we missed you" and lots of great big smiles which were followed by big bear hugs. (It's worth all the plastic snakes and wiggly insects!)

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  1. sweet.....

    that is so funny that he thought the gum bag was just the right spot for his prize worm
    have a great weekend...we are having a heck family camping trip this weekend. brrrrr.