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Monday, October 5, 2009

Shepard's 5th Birthday

It was a BIG day in Wasson World! (My sweet sis-in-law, Joy, coined that phrase... I love it!) Today was Shepard's 5th birthday!! The best way John and I have been able to explain it is that Shepard maximized every bit of joy and excitement that he could muster out of his special day. He literally skipped with joy all day long and he never stopped talking... he felt on top of the world! He was super excited about every single thing we did today and it was fun to share the day with him. He did eventually get to learn the lesson about why Joseph's brothers wanted to throw him in the big hole... after some of the brothers got tired of him playing KING all day. We had been planning a Robin Hood theme party... so when we found this little green hat at the party store this afternoon, Shepard couldn't have been more thrilled because he wanted to dress up as Robin Hood so badly. He wore it the rest of the day. We had a big tussle over his shirt - Josiah and I tried to dress him in one of Josiah's green shirts with a belt tied around his waist and it really looked just like Robin Hood, but Shepard cried and cried because he wanted to wear his own green shirt... well, he ended up looking like a little leprechaun. :) And he could not be swayed otherwise. So, here is our sweet birthday boy - the leprechaun Robin Hood. :)

Josiah made this little candle stand in VBS a year ago and he got it out and set it up with a lego Robin Hood for Shep. When Shep realized what Josiah was doing, his appreciation and gratefulness was so great that he ran to give Josiah a big hug and say thanks. My heart was full of joy to see Josiah's thoughtfulness and Shepard's gratefulness.

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