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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Birthdays

I finally found my camera!  I don't think I've ever misplaced it before...  The boys are helping me with EVERYTHING while my shoulder stays in a sling and I think someone brought the camera in from the car the other night, but it never made it to it's "usual" home.  I found it hanging on the hook by the garage door.  Cool.  And all of my guys (all four) are totally awesome!  They are doing laundry, cooking and cleaning the kitchen.  Okay, so our grocery shopping trip was a little LONG and tiring, but they did help a LOT all the way to putting the groceries away.  I'm grateful for their great attitudes and their sweet help.  I really DO NOT like to not be able to use my right arm and find it hard to ask and accept all the help, but they have made it so much easier!

Here's a few pictures from the August birthday party at the Wassons last weekend - me, Will and Kim are celebrating this month!  It was a fun get together and we always love the chance to eat Shelley's great cooking! :)

Check out the candle birthday ages...  yep, I'm about to be 40!!

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