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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meeting Caden - Then the Creation Museum

I was so excited to get to meet our newest little nephew... Caden!  This is Josh and Joy's baby!  Oooohhh...  he's wonderfully sweet!

Here's me and my brother with his new little son...

This was such a whirlwind trip!  On the way to Nashville to meet Caden, we stopped in Memphis to visit one of John's client's sales.  It was the first time we have actually been able to watch another sale (other than our own) use his software.  The ladies there were so sweet and we enjoyed shopping another sale!

After meeting Caden, we drove on to Florence, KY (near Cincinnati).  What we thought was a 3-hour drive was actually a 5-hour drive.  It turned into a late night, but it was worth it.  We loved the Creation Museum!!  (And the hotel deal we got there was fantastic...  ahhhh, we chuckled at our little "princes" living in the luxury of our hotel - but it was actually cheap!)
Here are some highlights from the Creation Musuem...
First we saw examples of the animal "kinds".

This picture really shows the personalities of all the boys!
Will thought the camel would eat his hat!

We saw two planetarium shows and another show in the special effects theater.  Those were great!
We also toured through the Walk Thru History which was really neat.  Here are the boys in the Garden of Eden...  it was amazing how it really showed what a wonderful place that was and what we lost when sin entered the world.  It was so neat to see Bible history come alive and then see the big picture of how and why we need a savior. 

The drive home was long...  thankfully the boys are all very good travellers!  But, we think we've figured out just about how far we'd ever want to drive in one day. :)  I can't believe we did all of this trip in just four days.  We had to rest from our vacation when we got home!

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