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Friday, August 6, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Wow...  I am so far behind.  My computer has still not been replaced, but I was able to get to my pictures, so I'm going to try to post a few each day to get caught up.  I'm starting with the school pictures, so it's a little out of order - I'll try do NLR Family Camp next.

We started back to school in July...  Josiah wasn't so sure that was a great idea, but Shepard loved it!  Now we are completely back into the routine of it and it is going well.  Josiah's favorite part of school is when we do the My Father's World curriculum together and Shepard's favorite is "seatwork". 

First day pictures:  (Josiah wasn't feeling well this day - it's hard to start back to school when you are sick!)

Our sweet friends loaned us this school desk for Shepard.  (Thank you!)  He was one very happy boy to finally have his OWN school desk!  We brought it home late one evening and he just couldn't wait to sit in it!  He is so grateful for that desk -see that big smile?! - and it's such a cute desk, too, isn't it?!

Here are some pictures from a few of our school projects that we've been working on.  I really love this multi-level school curriculum and how the boys can all work together. 

Learning how to make a flat map of a round object - they are drawing the continents on their oranges.  Will enjoyed eating this project. :)

Book Basket Time!

Making the earthworm niche.  John asked to join us for this one - I was so glad because I really did NOT want to touch those worms!  We loved learning how God created everything with purpose - even the earthworm.

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