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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Boys and Some of Their Latest...

They are each so unique!  So wonderfully, unique!  I love each one!  They really make me smile...

The other day at lunch Josiah asked me, "Hey Mom, when I move my hand through the air and then hear the whoosh of the air, that's thunder, right?"  (Should I just go ahead and admit right now that I am not nearly as deep a thinker as Josiah is and I actually NEVER ponder such things??  And these questions just come out of nowhere...  how's a girl like me to be prepared??  I'm just grateful that the Lord will guide me!)  So, anyway, I thought this question did not make any sense...  surely Josiah knows what "thunder" is!!  So, I calmly say, "No, thunder is the sound that lightning makes."  Then he explains to me that thunder is not actually the sound that lightning makes, but that it's the sound of the air rushing back in to fill the space that the lightning created...  so, hence, does the air rushing back in after he slices his hand through the air make the sound of "thunder", just not as loud??  Whoa...  I have NO idea!  Maybe it does... 

To my UTTER dismay we've had a mouse in the house!  Seriously, I am a total elephant when it comes to mice.  I completely freak out and cannot stop the shudders and sometimes I can't stifle the screams either.  The boys on the other hand think that mice are the cutest things ever...  Shepard REALLY wants one for a pet!  They kept telling me that if I would just look at it, I would change my mind about mice.  Nope...  not gonna happen.  So, we had a mouse siting recently - yep, I started to shudder and just completely froze up.  Shepard says, "Mom, you just go on out of this room and I'll take care of it.  If I catch him, I'll just throw him in the trash."  Yikes!  But then he looks at me so sweetly and finishes with, "Mom, I just love you more than I want to have a mouse."  Wow... he's so thoughtful!  I'm such a blessed mama!

Okay...  little Will...  well, he's BUSY!!  Even if he is sitting in a confined area - like his blanket - he's wiggling some body part!  The other day, I thought he was just playing quietly and contentedly...  what was I thinking??  If he's quiet, we all start to search for him. :)  We found him in the living room...  all the board games pulled off the shelves...  pieces everywhere and he was in the middle of filling one of the lids with water.  Oh boy.  So I told him to go get a washcloth and we would clean up the water.  He gets a washcloth, but he soaks it with water first and then brings it all the way dripping lots of water all the way.  His energy and playfulness - even his friendly mischievousness - are surely going to be gifts that the Lord uses in his life!

Aren't they each wonderful??!!

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