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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Will's 3rd Birthday

Will turned 3 yesterday!  Almost hard to believe that our baby isn't a "baby" anymore.  He's a very active, busy, funny, ornery, playful little boy!  He lived his birthday with gusto...  mostly he just looked forward to having a cookie cake - with a 4-wheeler on it!  (He calls it a c-wheeler.)  He's past the age of needing coaxing to know what to do...  he sang Happy Birthday to himself, blew out his candles like a champ and tore through his gifts - no hesitation with this boy!
Here he is with his hilarious assortment of birthday balloons - picking them out was a big family adventure.

A basketball goal for Will.  He was THRILLED!  He pranced and giggled and shot baskets over and over and over again...  it was like he just never tired of it. 
I was trying to take a picture and he kept moving in these interesting positions...  that's when John explained to me that he was trying to pose for the picture.  Yep, that's what he was doing.  It was so cute! 

Cheeto Head!  Will was fascinated with this game from NLR Family Camp, so we set up a semi-cheeto head game in the garage.  We substituted a paper plate for someone's head! :)  The boys had a lot of fun playing this.

Now, it's finally time for that cookie cake!  (What's funny is that he only ate one little bite of it...  he never likes the taste of it, he just likes the "idea" of it.)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!

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