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Friday, August 13, 2010

Shepard's Work Pays Off

Shepard wanted a new toy...  very bad.  Bad enough that he was willing to work some jobs to buy it.  He's never fully understood the concept of working for money.  I mean we've explained it, but somehow it's remained a bit of a mystery to him.  He thought that saving money meant it just suddenly appeared.  (Wouldn't that be nice?!)  Anyway, John offered to let him work a few outside jobs - he wanted inside jobs, but he wanted the toy more. :)  So, he worked hard...  sweeping, raking, etc and earned a dollar or two, but still did not have enough money.  So, he would ask for more jobs the next day.  He's a hard worker!  And, even though the jobs were not always fun, he worked hard and did his best.  When he earned enough money, John and I got him the toy that he had wanted and he paid us for it with his "own" money.  He was so excited!  He could not stop bouncing and pumping his arms up and down and letting out big whoops of joy!  He is enjoying that toy with a new found enthusiasm because he knows the price.  Way to go, Shep!  His comment to us afterwards was "Now I get it."  Ahhhh...  the lightbulb!
Here's his toy - a "Halo" guy... (he wanted me to take a picture of it)


  1. I remember what it was like to buy a new toy I had been really wanting. The day I would get the toy was like one of the best days of my life. So happy for Shepard. :-)

  2. He made it!! Good for him!! I'm guessing he'll remember that particular toy as the one he bought with his OWN money! (At least for a while!)