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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's my quilt!

I turn 40 tomorrow! I'm excited! I'm looking forward to starting a new decade... a new era... it's a great age! Life is good! My life is busy, busy, busy... but these are great times. I know one day I will look back on these years with great fondness... so I'm trying to just relish it all. (Even the fact that while I sit here and type Will has brought me two gifts from outside... a stick with a bunch of dried leaves on the end and a long strand of ivy with some dead leaves - his "love" gifts! I treasure those!) Speaking of gifts... check out the early gift I got from my parents... I have wanted this quilt for a long time and I am SOOOO excited to get it! I think it was made in 1933 by my grandma and several of her friends... maybe at a quilting bee! Her name (and the other ladies who made the quilt) is handstitched on the quilt. You can see her name in the picture. Thanks mom and dad!!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Heather!!!!
    What an amazing gift....

    and Will's are pretty awesome too.

    Big Hugs to you~